Here's a brief description of some of the programs that are designed, presented or staffed by PRN Consulting.

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Palliative Care Simulation Project (PAMF / Sutter Health)

Physician communication workshops on communication regarding serious illness, integrating SICP, Vital Talk and PRN formats.

CORE Skills Program (PRN)

Year-long professional development program in advanced simulation skills for communication coaching, originating at PRN Consulting.

Physician Shadow Coaching  (Dignity Health)

Sessions customized to assess and address communication strengths and opportunities with individual physicians at Dignity Health.

Medical Error Disclosure Project  (BETA Healthcare / CAI)

PRN Coaching Partners provided specialized simulations and feedback for Northern and Southern California workshops taught by CAI.

Web-Based Physician Communication Project  (UCSF)

A research project at UCSF Institute for Health Policy Studies, using simulators to work remotely with physicians on communication.

2017 Patient Experience Summit:  Responding to Emotion  (Dignity Health)

Original presentation and immersive learning activity developed by PRN for physician communication coaching on response to emotion.

Communication Workshops (Dignity Health)

Coaching opportunities for physicians who want to improve communication patterns with patients, co-workers and others in their life. 

Open Communication Physician Coaching Project  (PAMF Research Institute)

 A cluster randomized controlled trial of four primary care clinics, studying the effects of patient-physician communication training.

PRN projects engage, enrich, enable...

Medical Error Disclosure Project (Univ. of Washington / Stanford / CAI)

PRN Coaching Partners provided medical error simulations for physician communication training taught by UoW and CAI at Stanford.

CME / GME Physician Training Videos (Stanford)

Collaborated on design, staffing and production of interactive videos produced for physician communication training at Stanford.

Advance Care Planning Project  (PAMF / Sutter Health)

​Workshop presentation development and simulation support for physicians at Palo Alto Medical Foundation seeking to improve communication.

The META Toolkit Project

​An original, evidence-based system of self-care developed by PRN for simulators and providers who are at risk for secondary trauma.   

Pharma Simulations for PCSK9 Inhibitors (ZS Associates)

Training program for PRN Coaching Partners to provide highly technical simulations regarding pharmaceutical education for physicians.

Pre-Op Patient Education Program (ABSMC/Sutter Health)

Original program designed and presented for over 4,000  patients facing total joint replacement at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center.


Health Matters Project (Stanford)

Original presentation and immersive learning activity developed by PRN to showcase the work of Standardized Patients at Stanford.

Palliative Care Simulation Project (TPMG / Kaiser)

Simulation staffing for Vital Talk formatted programs to teach physician communication skills regarding serious illness.

Brown Bag Sessions (Dignity Health)

Concise, engaging presentations over lunch that include roundtables, improv sessions and demonstrations on communication skills.

Web-Based Physician Coaching Project (98point6)

Communication and patient experience coaching for a Washington state company exploring web-based primary care services.

Cognitive Interview Simulation Project (BETA Healthcare / CAI)

Training program for PRN Coaching Partners to provide highly skilled simulations in Cognitive Interview techniques, and CAI variants.

Standardized Patient Film by Kerry Tribe (SFMOMA / Stanford)

Collaboration with filmmaker Kerry Tribe to create artful insight into the sometimes surreal world of live and mannequin simulation​.

Secondary Trauma Research Project  (PRN / WashU / RMU / UoT)

​Collaboration with Washington Univ., Robert Morris Univ. and Univ. of Toronto to investigate secondary trauma in SP work and beyond.

Palliative Care Simulation Project (UCSF)

Intense simulations and professional feedback with medical students surrounding diagnosis and treatment of metastatic cancer. 

Patient Navigation Project (Stanford)

Collaboration with Stanford Hospital and Stanford Graduate School of Business exploring communication with patient navigators.

End of Life Option Act Project (PAMF / Sutter Health)

Presentation development and simulation services for PAMF physicians teaching communication skills around physician assisted death.

Simulation in Guided Exposure Therapy (PRN / Stanford)

Original design, development and presentation of simulation modality in Guided Exposure Therapy for groundbreaking Stanford project.

Medical Error Disclosure Project (Dignity Health / CAI)

PRN Coaching Partners provided medical error simulations and coaching for physician communication training by CAI at Dignity Health.

Opioid Crisis Simulation Project (Stanford)

Continuing Medical Education Video developed as a demonstration of communication techniques with drug-seeking patients.

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