Good communication is a partnership between Patient and Provider.  

Doctors and other healthcare professionals are taught how to communicate with patients-- where can you learn to communicate more effectively with them?

PRN can help.  We offer services that build communication skills for Patients, to strengthen the partnership between Patient and Provider.    



Free Online Resources for reliable information to help you get started

Book Recommendations for further reading on specific subjects

...and coming soon...

PRN is developing two outstanding web-based Patient  Education Programs, to be available on this website in Fall 2015:

PRN's upcoming  Video Patient Education Program  will demonstrate ways you can communicate more effectively with your Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic or other healthcare professional.  There are 5 modules currently in production, with 5 more awaiting funding.  These programs will be free to Patients and caregivers, with the goal of strengthening the communication partnership for more satisfying conversations and better outcomes.

PRN's upcoming Web-Based Coaching Service is a fee-based Patient Education Program providing one-on-one Communication Consults for patients who would like to practice skills they have learned in the Video Patient Education Program.  No medical information is discussed at any time during these consults, the service exists strictly to build better communication skills between patients and healthcare providers.



PRN designs, develops and delivers Patient Education Programs for hospitals, home healthcare organizations and patients of our participating physicians. 

Current and former programs include:

Jackson Orthopaedic Foundation  

        Preparing For Your New Joint

        Living Well With Your New Joint


Alta Bates Summit Medical Center 

        Orthopedic Center of Excellence Pre-Op Patient Education Program 

Joint Venture Patient Support

        Considering Joint Surgery 

        Pain Management

        Care For The Caregiver

...and coming soon...

PRN is developing a new Workshop for Patients called Communicating With Your Doctor,to be available in Fall 2015.  The program will be available in three formats:

1.  A 30 minute talk

2.  A 50 minute presentation with Medical Actor demonstrations  

3.  A 75 minute interactive workshop with Medical Actor demonstrations and audience practice

The Workshop is designed for Community Education Programs, Active Senior Living Centers, and any classroom venue where people would like to learn practical, evidence-based strategies for more effective healthcare communication. 

Have an idea for a class, workshop or presentation you'd like to see?  Send us your thoughts on the Contact Page!  


PRN works with Physicians and Healthcare Organizations to provide communication consulting services to Patients with special needs.  

To date we have served over 5,000 Patients in the San Francisco Bay Area through classes, workshops, private coaching sessions by telephone and in the Physician's office.  

If you would like a referral from your Physician to our communication consulting service, have them contact PRN through the email form found on our contact page. We will be happy to discuss the options and services available to them, which are free to Patients.





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