Communication Coaching

             for Better Healthcare

Good communication is essential to effective treatment.  

Understanding-- and being understood-- is important to everyone in a clinical relationship.  Satisfaction relies on it.  Outcomes depend on it.  Patients deserve it.  

Evidence indicates most Providers consider themselves good communicators, yet Patients often report different perceptions of Provider communication skills.  Why the gap?  And how can a Provider use simple methods to make dramatic changes in these interactions?


PRN can help.  We offer a variety of services in group and private settings, and new modalities of web-based consulting and video CME services, to enhance communication skills across the continuum of care.

Those who are good communicators are often the ones who are most eager to develop new skills-- they understand that even the best batters benefit from good coaching to improve their game. 

PRN is pleased to offer effective, convenient programs to coach customized communication skills.


Fee-based programs that come to you.  Identify specific skills that will add value to your communication style and practice them in a positive,  low-stakes environment with a medical communication specialist or peer educator.  Book a single unit of 3 sessions, or an ongoing series of practices.  Use the Contact Page to request a free evaluation and discuss options.


PRN provides experienced Medical Actors, Standardized Patients and Coaching Partners  for Advanced Role-Play Sessions with healthcare providers.  

Small-Group Facilitation services are also available for CME at conferences, symposia, and workshops.

Communication Workshops and Brown-Bag Lunches can be arranged to coach Communication Skills for all staff who interact with Patients.

Use the Contact Page to request fees and discuss individual needs.


PRN has developed a series of convenient CME coaching experiences for Providers:

Video Communication Skills Demonstrations  illustrate simple, effective skills that can make a major difference in patient understanding and satisfaction.  

Interactive Videos offer opportunities to try a variety of approaches to communication challenges.

Live Web Consults  are now available to Providers who have taken at least one unit of Private Coaching Sessions with PRN.

Use the Contact Page to request more information and set up a Private Coaching Session.



Advance Care Practitioners

Nursing Professionals

Paramedicine Professionals

PRN has developed a special support program for professional simulators and healthcare providers called The META Toolkit.  Use the Contact Page to request more information on these programs and how you can be involved!


Clinical Faculty

Coaching Partners

Physician Peer Educators

Standardized Patients

Physical Exam Teaching Associates

Project Prepare Educators

Medical Actors 

Workshop Facilitators

Communication Consultants/Coaches


       Program Advisors

      Program Coaches


      Peer Educators


       Standardized Patients


       Medical Actors

       Patient Advocates



     Private Physician Coaching

     CME Program Development

     Physician Workshops

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     Patient & Family  Classes

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