Communication Coaching

             for Better Healthcare

Coaching Partners

Standardized Patients

 trained in CORE Coaching Skills

provide advanced role-play, feedback

and facilitation services

for physicians

Standardized Patients

Skilled simulators provide

 standardized answers

for consistency

during training and testing

of medical students​

Medical Actors

Skilled simulators provide

scripted and improvised portrayals

for immersive learning

in videos and live demonstrations​



Content experts

 guide program development in areas of

medicine, communication, education, 

simulation, business and

patient experience​​​



Peer Educators

Experienced providers

 teach and co-facilitate

programs for their peers

alongside our team

of simulators



Coaching specialists

 design, teach and co-facilitate

   immersive learning programs

for physicians

                                    Mission:   To improve communication between patients and healthcare providers

                                    Vision:      We strive to become a nationally recognized leader in immersive learning for healthcare communication

                                    Values:     We value professional excellence, supportive collaboration, courage, kindness and passion

                                    Purpose:  PRN exists to engage, enrich and enable providers to communicate effectively

                                    Tagline:    Communication Coaching for Better Healthcare

About Our Organization