Shadow Coaching

Our Shadow Coaching Program for physicians builds on your strengths and expands your options.  It begins with a period of goal-setting, observation and skill building sessions between the Coach and the Communicator, followed by a period of observation and skills practice sessions using Coaching Partner Simulators for guided role-play.  These sessions are customized to address the needs of the individual Communicator, to improve communication and increase satisfaction among patients, providers and co-workers.  Clients can choose a 1 Day, 2 Day or 3 Day Format for Shadow Coaching Programs.  Participants report increased competence, confidence and comfort after working in our positive, results-oriented environment.

Private Coaching Sessions

One-on-one coaching sessions come to you  to accommodate your busy schedule.  30-45 minute sessions in your office or clinic are held in a private location where we discuss specific challenges, set goals, then try new skills and strategies in a supportive environment.  Practicing a conversation with a skilled simulator (especially where you can call "time-out" to strategize a different approach and try again) can build proficiency and confidence in a very short amount of time.   

Live Web Coaching

Physicians who've been involved in our Shadow Coaching or Private Coaching programs are eligible for ongoing coaching in live video sessions.  Programs offer a variety of themes, and are tailored to the skills, style and professional needs of the client.

Program Design

Have an idea for a program that would benefit from immersive learning and live simulation practice?  PRN Consulting helps organizations design programs with evidence-based best practices in simulation.  

Presentation Coaching

Physicians and other providers have important information to share, and are often asked to make public presentations.  Give your valuable ideas the full advantage of a professionally designed presentation to reach your audience.  We'll build on your own strengths and personal style to take your slides, speech and engagement techniques to the next level.

Call 510-219-1118 to speak with Pamela Nemecek about bringing any of these programs to your organization.

         Wade In

Brown Bag Demos

Specially tailored lunchtime sessions give a preview of our communication workshops, and leave you with a useful technique in mind.  We'll use engaging exercises, videos and live demonstrations that offer a taste of what's to come.

Quick Dip

15 Minutes!  That's all we need to share 1 tip you can use today.   We'll explain the technique, why it works, and give you a chance to practice it a couple of times in simulation before you see your next patient.  

Simulators for Your Program

Do you need Standardized Patients or Medical Actors?  You can book our Education Team members for your program.  Our highly skilled simulators are trained in a variety of communication platforms, including  Vital Talk, EM Talk, CANDOR, Bridges, SICP and Facilitation, as well as Standardized Patient protocols for Medical School training and testing at every level.

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      Dive Deeper

  Immersive learning helps communication flow...


90 Minute communication workshops offer fresh insights into communication techniques.  Exercises engage and prepare you for using the new skill effectively, then the real learning happens in practice sessions with our supportive simulators.  You can call time-out, get some coaching and try again until the skill feels natural and comfortable.

Conference Presentations

60 minute communication coaching presentations engage, enrich and enable audiences to explore solutions for communication challenges.  Evidence-based programs and immersive experiences with simulators deepen learning.

Communication Skills Videos

PRN Consulting has partnered with local filmmakers to prepare GME and CME videos for physicians and other providers, currently in use at Stanford University and other medical schools.  Our Education Team and Medical Actors are available to create custom  communication videos for your organization as well.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a “do-over” moment in life?  In a challenging conversation, who wouldn’t like the opportunity to stop, come up with a better way to communicate, then try again with positive results?

Immersive Learning lets you do just that.  First you become familiar with a new communication skill, then practice it with professional simulators (Coaching Partners) who are trained to challenge you and respond in real-life ways.  Facilitators guide you supportively through the process, building on your strengths and offering suggestions until you find what feels right for you.

During the debrief, our highly skilled Coaching Partners discuss invaluable insights into the patient perspective, helping you see your strengths and imagine what the other person may have felt during the conversation.  You’ll find this experience quite different from ordinary role-play, much more comfortable and useful in learning new communication skills for real life application.

Here are some opportunities to immerse yourself in learning communication skills at PRN Consulting:

Communication Coaching

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