Communication Coaching

             for Better Healthcare


PRN is a group of specialists in healthcare communication, helping to improve interactions between patients and physicians.  Our goal is to make communication between patients and providers more effective, efficient, and satisfying for all involved.  Our team provides coaching in communication skills for physicians and other providers, as well as educational support for patients and their allies.  

PRN means "as needed" in medical terms.  (Pro re nata, in Latin.)  We offer programs and services on an "as needed" basis to improve communication skills in healthcare.  

  •            Services for Healthcare Providers and Medical Educators
  •            Services for Medical Schools and Organizations 
  •            Services for Patients and Patient Allies


       Program Advisors

      Program Coaches


      Peer Educators


       Standardized Patients


       Medical Actors

       Patient Advocates


     Private Physician Coaching

     CME Program Development

     Physician Workshops

     Peer Educator Program

     Patient & Family  Classes

     Web Coaching Sessions 

PRN is dedicated to providing effective, evidence-based programs that make a real difference for those involved.  Our team works closely with medical research institutes, health policy advisors, experienced educators and behavioral specialists to create coaching workshops and individual sessions  that improve confidence, competence and comfort in healthcare communication.



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